From Russia with love: another meteorite explosion

A meteorite like object lit up the skies at the wee hours at Murmansk, Russia (check the video footage out). There is a possibility that the object is part of the Lyrid meteor shower which happens annually when it’s nearing its peak. I find this amazing as this is the second time this is happening in Russia (northern hamisphere??). In February 2013, a surprise asteroid about 20 metres and 5,000 kilograms came across the sky over Chelyabinsk, Russia. The blast from its explosion was worth millions of euros worth of damages and injured over 1,000 people. Nobody saw it coming. I am aware that almost every day the Earth gets hit with hundreds of tons of material from space, most of them ranges from the size of a grain of sand to something of an object the size of a sim card. This kind of meteorite strikes (for the second time) kinda scares me a little, its like a sign that every now and then a meteorite or asteroid can hit us and exterminate life as we know it. Gosh, I am thinking about the extincted dinosaurs now, or worst, aliens rising from them.

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